Bingo Night

The Optimist Club of Milton & Rotary Club of Milton are pleased to announce the return of Hall Bingo for the fall and winter sessions.

But first, our thanks to Country Heritage Park for hosting this event.


Start Date:  January 14, 2024
Time: Games start at 7pm sharp  (doors open at 6:30pm)
Location:  Niagara Room Country Heritage Park (2nd floor of main building.  Elevator available)

Please note for the nights of March 19th and 26th:    

  • These will be FREE NIGHTS allowing us to practice & hone our skills in hosting great events in the future
  • Our eyes and ears will be wide open looking for opportunities for improvement
  • Game cards are FREE
  • Game winners will receive discount cards for free game cards at future events.  No regular payouts will be made

Bingo is considered GAMBLING in Ontario.  Thus, requiring us to follow and maintain certain government restrictions.  Please review the attached House Rules and Bingo Rules.   These Rules are designed to ensure that everyone has the most enjoyable night out

We thank you in advance for passing along this posting and information to your Milton based family, friends, neighbours, etc.

Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions

Bingo Pricing

  • Yellow Cards - $5
  • Game Pack  ( 2 Blue Cards & 2 Green Cards )  - $25
  • Mega Pack  ( 4 Blue Cards & 4 Green Cards )  - $50
  • Extra strips - $10 each

Bingo Game Sheets

Bingo Game Sheets - Session 1

Bingo Game Sheets - Session 2

Bingo Game Sheets - Session 3

House Rules

  1. The decision of the Bingo Leade regarding compliance with any of the following rules is final and binding.
  2. Entry is limited to persons 18 years of age or older.
  3. Persons who appear under the age of 25 will be asked to produce valid, government issued, photo identification as proof of age.
  4. Charitable Gaming Centre reserves the right to refuse admittance.
  5. Each person entering must purchase at least one set of game cards.
  6. Cash only sales
  7. We reserve the right to impose a minimum purchase requirement as approved by OLG.
  8. Seating is on a first come, first serve basis.
  9. We may require the pre-allocation of seating in certain events.
  10. We reserve the right to limit or refuse food and/or beverage consumption purchased outside the event location.
  11. We are not responsible for lost or stolen personal items.
  12. For the comfort and respect of other players, cell phones must be turned off or put on silent mode. We reserve the right to ask a customer to stop using cell phones at any time.
  13. Foul language, bad behaviour or disrespect of other players, and/or volunteers will not be tolerated. Customers should be respectful and failure to do so could result in being asked to leave the premises.
  14. All camera use is prohibited unless preauthorized by the Bingo Leade.
  15. Violation of House Rules and/or Rules for Bingo Games and/or Government Regulations may result in a player not being awarded the prize.
  16. The following individuals are not permitted access to the event:
    1. Individuals who appear intoxicated.
    2. those restricted from accessing the gaming site or playing a lottery scheme as a condition of a court order.
    3. those who have been excluded from the site under subsection 3.6(1) of the Gaming Control Act as noted by the Registrar of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

Rules of Play - Bingo

  1. Altering and /or splitting of cutting game cards for the purpose of sharing between players is prohibited. Any prizes won on altered game card will not be honoured.
  2. Game cards are valid only for the event for which it is purchased.
  3. Dabbers must be used by the Player to document on their card what numbers have been called
  4. Every effort will be made to prevent duplicate cards; in the unlikely event of a duplicate card, prizes will be divided equally amongst all validated cards.
  5. The bingo card numbers and serial numbers must be visible in order to verify a bingo and ensure game integrity.
  6. The Game Schedule will be made available to all players upon their entry, and at the cashier’s table
  7. Before a game is started, the Caller will announce
    1. What game is being played (ex: blue game 1)
    2. The pattern or shape that the player must match to achieve a Bingo (ie The letter T)
    3. The value of the prize pool (ex: $ 50)
  8. Bingo numbers shown on the monitor are only in play once they have been announced by the caller.
  9. All players that have matched the numbers required in the game pattern or shape will be declared a possible winner
  10. A player does not need to have the last number called to be declared a possible winner.
  11. A possible winner will be declared a formal winner after:
    1. their card number is validated using the electronic verification system
    2. visual inspection of the numbers matched
  12. It is the player’s responsibility to bring their ‘Bingo’ to the Caller’s attention, either verbally or by way of a device, prior to the next number being called.
  13. The caller will clearly and audibly call out three (3) times asking if any of the other players are claiming to be a winner of that game.
  14. If there are no other winners, the caller will declare the game to be closed.
  15. No claim of a player to have won a game is valid if made after the game has been declared closed.
  16. The total prize, as announced prior to the commencement of the bingo game, must be paid to a winner or winners. The caller must announce the number of winners for each game and the amount paid to each winner.
  17. Where there is more than one (1) winner of a bingo game, the prize offered must be divided equally amongst all players having obtained a valid bingo.
  18. In the event that the number on a ball is miscalled, the actual number on the ball and not the called number must be the official number for the game. Any claim by a player to have won a bingo using a miscalled number must be disallowed.
  19. a formal handwritten each bingo game played outlining the order in which the numbers were called for each game held during the bingo event. This is the official record of the games.
  20. In the event of an error in verification of bingo paper, resulting in a game being declared closed, the game must be reconstructed using the official record to identify the numbers previously called and the game must continue until won by a player.
  21. The game record and winning bingo paper will be retained for 30 days following the bingo event.
  22. If it should be determined that a game has been closed as the result of a miscalled number and there is not a valid winner for the game, the game must be reconstructed using the official record to identify the numbers previously called and the game must continue until won by a player.
Start Time: 
End Time: 
Country Heritage Park - Niagara Room
8560 Tremaine Road Niagara Room
L9T2X3 Milton , ON
Ontario CA