Optimist TV Bingo

Optimist TV Bingo is run by a Bingo Committee made up of members of the Optimist Clubs of Halton Hills and Milton.

The show airs once each week, ONLY on TV Cogeco Cable from the North Halton studio on Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. 

Optimist TV Bingo will be broadcast weekly except for the Christmas, New Year’s holiday season (exact dates to be confirmed each year between the Bingo Committee and YourTV).

You can Buy your Optimist Bingo Cards at the following Milton locations:


Optimist TV Bingo Rules 2022

Bingo Card Purchase

  • Bingo Cards are available in a book of 5 pages with each page having 3 faces and each book selling for $4.00.
  • All 5 pages in a book will contain cards with identical serial numbers.
  • Cards are sold at designated locations in Halton Hills and Milton.
  • Each book is colour coded and along with its serial number is only valid for the next broadcast (unless indicated otherwise in extenuating circumstances) 
  • Each card contains a serial number located in the free space in the center of the card and on the bottom right corner. This number is matched by a number in the Optimist TV Bingo computer program, and is used to verify that a card being played is a winning card on that game.
  • All potential winners must validate their winning card(s) by calling the phone number that appears on the TV screen and is announced periodically by the caller. A potential winner must provide the card serial number that will be confirmed by the TV Bingo host or phone operator.
  • Upon completion of the last TV Bingo Game – the Full Card game: all potential winners must validate their winning card within 5 minutes of the last game for the evening.

Games Played Each Tuesday

  • Any Single Line - $60.00
  • Letter “X” - $60.00
  • Letter “N” - $90.00
  • Inner Square - $90.00
  • Full Card - minimum  of $300.00  (effective January 2022, a new Jackpot has been added to game 5, please see details below).

These patterns will be explained by the caller prior to the start of the first game each night.

Game 5 Jackpot

  • Effective January 2022, a new Jackpot will be added to game five (the full card).
  • The value of the Jackpot will be announced at the beginning of the night and immediately before the game.
  • The Jackpot will be paid out if the game is won in 55 balls called or less on top of the $300 payout.
  • After 55 balls have been called,
    • Game 5 payout returns to its $ 300 weekly minimum.
    • The Caller will announce that the Jackpot has not been won.
  • Each week that the Jackpot is not won, an additional $ 50 will be added to the Jackpot.
  • The Jackpot will continue to grow until it is won by a player.
  • We reserve the right to declare and announce a date where the jackpot gets paid out even if it is not reached within 55 palls called.

Winning Players

  • All players must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The telephone number of the YourTV Studio will be shown on the TV screen and announced by the host periodically during the bingo session.
  • Players will be asked for the serial number of the winning card as well as their name and phone number so they can be contacted for mailing information in the event the card is a winning card after all calls are received. The serial number is in the Free Square on the card, and also at the bottom right corner of the card.
  • The phone operator will have this serial number given to the host who will enter the serial number into the computer program to verify if the player has a winning card.
  • The winner(s) are determined by a bingo being created by the fewest balls called.
  • The first player to call in with a winning card will not necessarily be the prize winner.
  • The player determined to have completed the pre-determined pattern in the least numbers shall be determined the winner(s).
  • This is an Alcohol and Gaming Authority rule.
  • The numbers called will be recorded by the host of the evening, in the order that they were called.  This document will be used to determine the winners based on the fewest days calls.  This document will be retained for a period of 7 years.
  • If there is more than one winner, the prize for that game is shared equally with all winners. The minimum prize in the event of multiple winners will be $5.00 per winner.
  • Cheques for the prizes are issued and sent through Canada Post within 1-2 business days (please note the further you live from town, the longer the delivery may take).

Special Circumstances For Optimist TV Bingo Operations

  • The TV Bingo Host will stop calling Bingo numbers and end the game when a phone call is received from a validated winner of the game at the YourTV Cable studio.
  • Following any valid complaint from a player about an interruption in their cable service or a downed telephone line, the player will receive replacement card(s) for the TV Bingo Show the following Tuesday evening.
  • Should a player not be able to get through on the telephone to the YourTV studio because of technical or other problems up until 5 minutes after the next game has begun, their winning card can still be verified during the show by the use of our second (back-up) computer.
  • Cards will only be honoured for the show for which they are dated and only up to the conclusion of that current Bingo show.
  • TV Bingo winners will be declared using all of the balls that are called for that game. This permits Optimist TV Bingo to honour all calls, which may be from valid winners up to 5 minutes after the full card game is completed.
  • The Winning Bingo occurs on the least amount of balls called.
  • Cards will be verified by telephone operators up to 5 minutes after completion of each game or, for the full card game up to 5 minutes after the conclusion of the telecast.
  • Optimist TV Bingo will endeavour to contact all callers to inform them if they are a winner(s) and get mailing information for their cheque or inform them that there was another call(s) with a bingo on an earlier number called.
  • In the event of a Media interruption or if Optimist TV Bingo is canceled, cards may be used for a future game and this information will be broadcast over YourTV prior to the next scheduled session and given to all sales locations.
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