Camel Race Selfie Contest

There are 2 100$ Gift Cards up for grabs!

Let’s have some fun!! Camel owners and all members of the community are invited to track down the camels and take a “Selfie” with them and submit it below. You will automatically be entered into a draw for a very cool prize! Remember there are 36 Camels in the race and you can submit a “Selfie” with each one. What a great way to increase your odds of winning! Have fun, while showing support to the businesses sponsoring a Camel and supporting the organizations funded by the Optimist Club of Milton. It’s a WIN/WIN situation!

The winner will be announced at this year's Camel Race Dinner happening on October 29th.


Most Popular Camel: every time your camel appears in a selfie submitted to the contest, we will enter your name into the draw.  We will choose a winner of the "Most Popular Camel" and announce it on Race Night.  The prize is a $100 gift card.

Selfie Contest Winner: every time you submit a selfie of yourself with a camel, we will enter your name into a draw.  We will choose the winner of the "Camel Race Selfie Contest" and announce it on Race Night. The prize is a $100 gift card.

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