Milton Speed Skating Regional Race

Officials positions 2 Line Judges – you stand in one of the penalty boxes and determine who crossed the finish line first. 2-3 Timers – you stand in one of the penalty boxes and time the skaters. We are going to try a new technology at our event in January – Electronic Timing – This is new to everyone, so we hope to get as many people trained on the system as possible. This is ideal for computer techy types. 1 Starter – (optional) – we do have starters lined up, but if anyone is really interested in learning race start procedures or has experience from other sports we would gladly train them. 1 Lap counter – (optional) – we do have one, but if anyone is interested - you keep track of the number of laps each skater has completed. 1 Announcer – (optional) – we have one, but if someone has a keen interest in calling the race. Non-Official positions 1 person to help with Silent Auction Table (we have one parent there already) 2 people to fill water buckets and pass them over the boards onto the ice 2 people to help in hospitality room – prepare food, snacks etc for all the volunteers. If anyone wants to be more involved here – including menu planning etc., we can meet with them separately and go over what we have planned to date. We could also use some “Runners” – typically students who bring paper work from point A to B, etc. . So if any members have high school students who are looking for volunteer hours we could use them as well. Or any adults who want to do 10,000 steps in a day! No training is required for any of the positions. There is a chief who will explain it all.
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Milton Sports Plex Milton , ON
Ontario CA