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Interested in participating in this year's Camel Race?  Click here to jump down to the application form.  An Optimist Club of Milton will be in touch to get you started.

Optimist Camel Race


  1. An Optimist Camel is a very prideful animal and must be:
    1. Named
    2. Dressed in the latest fashions to go with this year's theme: Halloween
    3. Displayed so that the Public to admire them and visit to take selfie's promoting your business and your camel
    4. Trained to compete in the Camel Race Night
  2. Naming Your Camel: Of course, every “baby” needs a name. This year we are asking Camel Owners to dress their camel in a Halloween theme and name it accordingly.
  3. Camel Name / Theme Selection: It is important that you register your Optimist Camel’s name as soon as possible. Please contact: Camel Master Keith Lamson at or phone 905­878-­3810.
  4. Name Deadline: You MUST REGISTER it no later than SEPTEMBER 1st (Earlier if possible!!!) Information is also required for a variety of marketing material, prepared prior to the event. 
  5. Publicly Display Your Camel: Camels should to be put out to pasture for display during the months of September and October to properly feed through the admiration of the Public. Be proud parents; display your Camel at your business or any location you can! We will be driving  traffic to your locations with our "Take a Selfie with a Camel" contest.  Take advantage of this marketing opportunity for your business!
  6. Dressing or Decorating Your Camel: Your Camel needs to be appropriately attired for the Beauty Contest (Best-­dressed) and the Most Popular Camel Contest (Most Money Raised), which will be determined on the evening of the Camel Race.
    1. Guideline: Your camel is representing you and your business; please keep it professional and suitable for “Baby Camel Eyes” Be creative – competition is fierce!

Camel Race Rules

  1. Six Optimist Camels are aligned at position one (1) on the designated Track and each shall be prominently numbered from one (1) to six (6).
  2. Dice shall be thrown, and Optimist Camels with the corresponding numbers shown on the dice shall be moved one (1) position forward.
  3. This process will continue until one of the Camels reaches the position ten (10) on the track and is declared the winner.
  4. In the event where two camels end in a tie, the remainder of the camels will be removed from the table and the two tied Optimist Camels will be moved back to the position nine (9) on the track. The dice will be thrown until one of the two Optimist Camel’s number is thrown and can be declared the winner.
  5. Winning Optimist Camels move on to the next heat.
  6. Losers are eliminated from the competition
  7. The last heat will be with the last two remaining Optimist Camels from the elimination rounds. In this Race, the Camels will be assigned “Even” or “Odd”.
  8. Dice shall be thrown, and the Optimist Camel assigned “Even” will move the number of spaces relative to the number of even numbers showing on the dice (either one or two squares). The same movement will be afforded the Optimist Camel assigned “Odd” relative to the number of odd numbers showing on the dice (either one or two squares).
  9. This process will continue until one of the camels reaches the position ten (10) on the track and is declared the winner.

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