Camel Race 2016

Optimist Club Camel Race

Raising Money for Local Charities

Your involvement in this year’s event will benefit many children in the Milton area.

Lighthouse Program for Grieving Children    Food 4 Kids    Girls Inc.    Optimist Club of Milton Youth Projects


The three awards categories your camel will compete in are:

  • Fastest Camel in Milton
  • Best Dressed Camel in Milton
  • Most Popular Camel in Milton

With the proper care, your Camel could go on to win one of these distinguished awards, bringing your Organization valuable respect and acknowledgment within the Milton Community.

Most Popular Camel Contest: To win the Most Popular Camel Contest, your Camel needs to be trained to solicit votes from residents of Milton. We encourage you to collect Advanced Donations ($1.00 = 1 Vote) in Displayed Ballot Boxes or On-­line Votes for the Most Popular Camel Contest. Encourage your patrons to support your Camel!

Best Dressed Table Contest: Camel Owners are encouraged to participate in the Best Dressed Table Contest. Be creative, but be mindful of the following restrictions: Height of centerpieces or display on table cannot exceed 2 feet in height Be considerate of others who want to see the Race

Optimist Camel Race (Fast Camel in Milton): Each race includes up to six camels, each being assigned a number 1 through 6 in each race. Three really large dice are thrown on the platform. The three numbers displayed are called out after each throw resulting in one move for each of the displayed numbers. Part of your Camel training is to learn to move one space when their assigned number is called out. Each time your Camel’s number is called out, it moves one space. Advancing towards the finish line each time their number is displayed. The first Camel to move 10 spaces wins the Race. Each throw may result in 0 – 3 moves for a Camel.  Rules

The "Camel Selfie" Contest

We will be awarding one lucky person with a prize (TBD) for taking a selfie a camel.  Camels will be on display at local businesses after September 1st.  To win, simply drive around town, locate a camel and take a selfie with the camel.  Upload the photo here or on the Optimist Club of Milton Facebook page and you'll be entered.  We will announce the winner at the Camel Race Dinner.  To make it easier, click here to see the Optimist Camel Map!

Dinner Tickets

Tickets are $75 each, or a table of 10 for $675.  They can be purchased online (download the registration form here and email it to or picked up at the following locations:  

  • McPhail Chiropractic - 270 Martin St, Milton, ON L9T 2R6 - (905) 876-0005
  • Milton Orthotic & Wellness Centre - 1009 Maple Ave. Unit 3N, Milton ON L9T 0A5 - (905) 864-0555
  • Spa Bellissima - 400 Bronte St. S. Suite 107, Milton ON - (905) 876-1711

Get your tickets today for the 2016 event of the year!

Buy a Camel

The Camel Race wouldn't be possible without dedicated Camel Owner's.  To learn more about purchasing a Camel, the rules for being in the race, and entering it in this year's race, click here!

Businesses and Individuals Competing This Year


Start Time: 
End Time: 
Granite Ridge Golf Club
9503 Dublin Line
L9T 2X7 Milton , ON
Ontario CA